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Marketing to Mums - the book 1

Let me start by clearly stating I did not write a book!   I love books to read as a way to escape into another world or as a way to learn from someone who has more wisdom than me.  I am definitely not a frustrated author.

I didn't write it - but we are mentioned in a BOOK!  I'm a bit excited. 

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Printable Rewards sheet - 50 0

Free Reward Sheet Printable  I have set myself a challenge this week - it's Colossal, Huge - BIGGER THAN HUGE! 

I have been busy procrastinating and have made a Printable rewards sheet. It's important to have the visual representation of my goal and be able to cross off each task as it's done!

As I was creating the Reward sheet I wondered if it might be of use to someone a Mum ( Mom ) who is toilet training a child...or a child trying to get enough brownie points to earn a new toy!   What a fun rewards sheet to stick to the fridge. 

Unplugged, inside and free! 0

Unplugged - free inside activities

Living in Melbourne with kids we always end up spending a couple of cold and wet afternoons inside - watching the rain pelting down on the windows and thankful that the heater works!

Here are three games and activities for those afternoons when we need to be unplugged and are stuck inside! 


5 Reasons you should play POKEMON GO with your kids 1

Pokemon with your kids5 Reasons you should play Pokemon GO with your kids.  

Pokemon GO has taken on the world.  Some parents are saying I don't have time, I don't play online games...  Here I give you 5 Reasons why  you should give it a go! 

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It's time to reclaim - Boys will be Boys! 1

 I'm having a little bit of a rant about the mis-use of the gorgeous phrase 'Boys will be boys'.  Don't hijack that phrase and make it the issue.  The issue is bad behaviour ...and there is no excuse for that.  

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