All the business groups, the marketing gurus, they are all saying 'You have to write a BLOG!'

'Write a Blog' they say!  'Content is king' It will boost your SEO, raise your profile and your website will rank better.  It's all  'Tell your story' and 'Share your experiences'  

'It's good for ranking and brand recognition'

So I started writing. General thoughts, stuff that just comes to me. Random and weird stream of thought things, or things that interest me.  The one about how to have a great Mothers Day was pretty awesome. Seriously..check it out!  Or the one about the treadmill idea that I am still CERTAIN will make someone millions one day.  

I even wrote something for another Mothers Blog site, Mouth of Mums.  About my addiction to Candy Crush....serious time waster that one! The game, not the blog post.

Well....now they are saying I have to blog about things within my Industry.  Within my niche.  Oh, so I have to write about boys and cars.  Umm...really?   Just because I sell toys with wheels I have to write about them all the time. Surely not.  We have gorgeous wooden cars and I love them, and I would talk about them for hours (just ask my friends) but it would get boring really fast. (just ask my friends!)  I see my blog as a place to talk about stuff.  Just stuff.

I'm so sick of having to write the 'right things', to fill my blog and my product descriptions with keywords. Wooden Cars that are Fun for boys. Or maybe Gifts for Boys.  Oh, and remember to mention each keyword a number of times, and make it sound natural.  Don't just repeat it everywhere randomly.  Like talking about breakfast, wooden cars, and then gifts for boys it doesn't make sense!  All this just so that we can be found when you do a Google search.  

Don't get me started with having to use trending words and phrases to have my posts seen on Facebook. I really like Facebook as a way of connecting and chatting with my crew, but sometimes it's frustrating, because you have to be 'on trend'. I have never been trending, and mostly I don't want to.  Yes I want to be seen, I want to chat with my audience, but to do that do I really have to add #kimkardashian to every post?

Did you know that you can get lists all over the place which have 'The best BLOG TITLES'  It's just a long list of titles.  - 'Do NOT read this.'  - 'We thought this was lame, do you?'   There is no blog, just random titles that have worked well.  Anything with 'TOP X ways to....' is always a great one.  It's a science now, how to get peoples attention in a world full of information.


Well this little black duck is going to do what she wants to do. I'm going to write what I want and sometimes it's not about cars, wooden or plastic.  I love them almost as much as Lucas does, but I am about more than that. I don't want to be constrained by those rules and put in that little box.

Hope that's OK with you.  And quite frankly, if it's not then buy the wooden cars, gift for boys (couldn't help myself)  and just don't read the blog.  

Thanks - I feel a lot better now. Oh, I almost forgot, #cars #woodencars #giftsforboys #kimkardashian

Have a great day.