I enjoy a walk on the treadmill.  I know many people who don't. They say things like 'I like to be out in the fresh air.'  or 'There is nothing to see on a treadmill, it's so boring!'

I completely agree with these comments. Yet, as a Mum who's spare time is either at 6am or 9pm (and is often the sole adult in a house with a 6 yr old) I just can't find the time to do a walk outside, unless it's to or from school. That walk is often quite slow and full of questions.  So I have come to learn to love the treadmill and I have a great idea which will help others love it too! 

When I do walk outside my favourite walks are on gravel.  

I love the sound your shoes make....crunch crunch crunch, it's so hypnotic. I find it like a form of meditation and my mind wanders as I walk.

Hearing your feet hitting the stones in a regular, even tempo. Moving the body and just walking to your own beat.

Unfortunately, that great noise is something you don't get on a treadmill.  When I'm doing some exercise now at the times I can fit it in, and on the treadmill, I miss out on the best bit about walking.

There have been so many clever inventions out in the world in the last 10, or even 5, years. I am putting a call out to someone (anyone) to invent a gravel top treadmill.  Great idea eh?  How hard would it be?  More importantly,  how awesome would it be to walk in the lounge room but have the sound of walking on a gravel path.

This is heaven to me.

hmm... I wonder if sandpaper would work?!  You wouldn't want to fall over on that treadmill would you? And your runners wouldn't last very long.  Ok, scrap that idea.

I might leave the logistics to those clever inventor people, I"m an ideas person. And a note you those inventors our there, when you make this, can you also make it so that when the walk is over there are no stones left in the tread of my runners.  That's just annoying.

Thanks, let me know when I should come and test it out.

- Helle.