Would you like to have a perfect mothers day...with just one phrase? We have one 7 word phrase that will ensure your Mothers Day is the perfect day for you!

It's so simple and yet it will change your whole Mothers Day experience, no more fighting to make one day special.



I hear of so many friends who feel let down by Mothers Day. This is the one day when Mums should be pampered, yet we often end up feeling like we're still on duty on our day off.

So I've come up with a great slogan which will explain what I want for my special day and will help others understand it too.



It's that simple, all I want for Mothers Day is to be treated like a 3 yr old.

Think about it for a minute..

- I want to get up when I feel like it.

- I will wear my PJ's all morning...or all day if we're not going out.

- If I get dressed I will only wear the Special Sparkly shoes or my very favourite t-shirt (even though it's in the wash!)

- I can't go near the kettle, so you best make me breakfast, I get grumpy when I'm hungry.

- I will scream until you play a game with me, or I might just play my own game and ignore you completely.

- Nap time happens after lunch.  Shhhhh

- Don't come to me with you're problems, I'm 3 years old, I don't know where your stuff is.

- I reserve the right to have a tantrum at the slightest thing. 

- Obviously I will not be doing the washing, the grocery shopping or any housework!

- I am not making dinner, and by the way, when you make me dinner it better be good or I will throw it on the floor.

For today, I am a 3 yr old.


Share this with your family, Stick it on the fridge, Tattoo it to your head, this Mantra will change your day!


- Hope you have a great day.