In our house the Tiny Teddy biscuit is a pretty popular treat.

We have gone one better and have Tiny Car biscuits.  Home made so we know what is in them, cute and easy to make. And they are 1/4 of the cost!  That's more than one better isn't it?  I make that to be 3 or 4 better.


My sister has a Thermomix, and just between us she has gone a little Thermomix mad.  I don't get the Thermomix madness, but I do love the food that keeps coming our way. My sister is always making fabulous vegetable stock, salsa and now these wonderful biscuits.

I think if the Thermomix makes it easier for you to cook, then it has to be a good thing.  I'm just not ready to learn how to cook again, I like my frypan and slow cooker.



Cute little cars....ready to bake.

This recipe is from the website 'The road to loving my Thermo mixer' or TRTLMT to her friends.  When you get a Thermomix you need a whole new range of recipes and this site has plenty of good ones. Don't even look at the Golden Syrup Dumplings...mmmmm.

She calls her biscuits Teeny Teddies, she obviously doesn't have a cute little car cutter.

The ingredients list is small, and are basic things that you will probably have in your pantry. I love it when I don't have to shop to bake!

Plain flour,
Self raising flour,
Bi carb soda,
Vanilla bean paste.



There is even instructions for those - like me - who don't have a Thermo Mixer!  LOVE IT!

These biscuits only need to bake for 5-8 minutes or so.  

Quick and Easy, now that's my sort of recipe.

The biscuits last for two weeks in a sealed container....ours didn't last that long.  They are a big hit with me, and my little guy, and everyone who managed to grab one before they disappeared. 

Wouldn't these be a great addition to the school fete or cake stall!? 


 Yummmy...the perfect snack for school! 




The Big Car biscuit cutter is 10 cm long
The Little biscuit cutter is 4cm long.

- Vroom