Don't you hate it when you do a software upgrade on your iPhone/iPad and all your settings are changed?  

The new IOS update has a setting which tracks your most frequented places, called Frequent Locations.  Yes,  it stores all the places you like to visit frequently. That data goes off somewhere out there into cyberspace.  Who needs this information?  Advertisers?  No thanks!  I'd prefer you don't track my every move thanks.

I don't know about you I find it all a bit creepy.  So I have turned it off.



Here's how to turn it off; 

In your phones Settings ( The one that look like a cog or wheel)  - go to Privacy - go to Location Services - go to System Services - Turn off Frequent Locations.  Easy right?

Here is what it looks like on the phone -


No more stalking me thanks! 

Share it with your friends and family...get them to turn it off.