Lucas turns 4 - with cars.

This week we have been very busy with preparations for our little boy turning into a big boy!   When Mum asked what sort of party he wanted he always replied CARS!  When he was asked what he wanted it was Automoblox or 'something with wheels'.

So our little boy....Sorry....BIG boy turned 4 with a car themed party.



It was a lovely day to be outside and kids love to run around so we had a few heats of the 'Car and spoon' races. 


Just give the kids a wooden spoon with a car instead of an egg and call out, Ready, Set, GO!  

(A little trick is to lie the car on its side.)

Then we had a little drink (the adults not the kids) and a run around (the kids not the adults).


The next activity involved getting dizzy and seeing where the cars ended up during the 'Pin the car in the Garage' game. 

Early strategy meeting!


Let's get pinning!

The Boys seemed to have a little more sense that the cars go into the Garage. 


We used the little red car and his friends as the cars that needed to be parked.    

The Garage was an old Polystyrene box that we had, you could easily use a piece of cardboard.  Mum painted it one morning while Lucas was painting a few masterpieces.


When it was time to clean up the kids loved using the CAR SOAP.  No cars were harmed during the making of this soap.  I just collected all the broken bits that I would normally throw out and popped them into some antiseptic hand wash.



We decorated some drinking cups with cars to add to the festive feel.  The words on the side say GO GO FUEL!  The image is below if you would like to use it.  We attached it to the cups with clear packing tape.


An easy way to turn fairy bread into Car fairy bread is to cut the fairy bread using biscuit cutters.  We also made ANOTHER load of biscuits using all the biscuit cutter shapes. Those biscuit look a little plain don't they?


The next activity was to decorate our biscuits.  

We put some icing into snap lock bags, poked a hole in a corner and then the kids got creative.



Yum Yum!
It didn't cost much, and although we didn't match the table cloth, to the invitation, to the icing, we did have a really good time! :-)
Vroom Vroom!