Inside the Baby and Toddler show

Have you ever wondered what happens at the shows when you are not there?   Here are a few photos of our first trip to a show.
The Thursday before the show is the day that the magic really happens. The gorgeous building is beautified and the plain stands turn into colourful displays of the brand personalities.  Of course it rained as we unpacked!  :-) 

We thought we had a lot of stuff, but we didn't even fill a trailer! 
The stand before we set it up. A blank canvas.....
Our stand after we spent a little time making it ours!
We even had a test drive track! This was a huge hit with the little guys. 
We are thinking we should open a creche next time. :-)
They were clever enough to have lots of change tables available.       The Volvo display was gorgeous and clever. 

Doesn't everyone love lots of storage?
The Royal Exhibition buildings have a historical beauty.
Lucas came to visit us at the 'Baby and Tobbler show' and made himself right at home playing with some toys.
Peppa pig (and everyone else) has gone home.
        Time for a drink and a chat....                                    ...and time to leave. What a great weekend.
See you next year.
Vroom Vroom 
- Helle