Parties are fun, but decorating the birthday cake can be a daunting task if you're not a baker, or don't feel like you're very creative.   I think I'm quite creative, but still the task of decorating a cake seems so foreign.

Let's be honest, there's so many wonderful, gorgeous cakes out there, the pressure that we put on ourselves can sometimes be crazy.  

Here are 3 tips to creating a great Construction theme cake.  



1.  Get yourself some great little construction trucks. 

We chose to get some trucks that our little construction lover would enjoy using after the party. The first thing Lucas asked when we started decorating was ' who gets the trucks when we are finished?' 

We chose the SIKU Dump Truck and Front Loader for our construction cake.  

PLEASE be careful what you chose to decorate your cake with. These products are not intended as a cake decoration, nor to be used with food. We chose to use them as decoration as they were only on the cake for a short while. They were removed and hand wash after the candles had been blown out. 




 2.  We need big rocks, dirt and rubble.

I enjoy this part, buying chocolate is always fun. We used Violet crumble bars, they don't come in bite size packs any more, they would probably have been better because all the sides are covered in chocolate.  Though we quite liked having different sized 'rocks' and the yellow of the honeycomb looked great.

We also used a crushed up flake, the 6 yr old loved the job of crumbling the flake into a bowl.

Then an extra layer of dirt was chocolate sprinkles. mmmm....sprinkles.


3.  Create your construction scene.

I prepared the ingredients first, then iced the cake.  I didn't want the icing to set before I had a chance to add the decoration. You can see it was a little too runny and the front loader almost fell off.

We start with the trucks. They can go anywhere but it's a good idea to have them so that the 'construction' can go on one side of the cake.  Then add the big rocks, then the rubble and the dirt.

Add as much as you want.

Just pile it on, any way you like.  




Ta - da!  That's how easy it is!  And doesn't it look great.


More great ideas

- One of our crew members had a great idea of using Construction tape around the edge of the cake.  

- One crew member used maltesers, bullets and even coco pops for their construction rubble.

- Need a bigger cake?  Bake a bigger cake and simply add more trucks to your construction site.   A crane, a digger, a flat bed truck or a cement mixer.  All these trucks work well at a construction site.


** Please note SIKU vehicles are not food grade products and these products are not sold with the intention that they be used as a cake decoration.



- Helle