When you have a car lover in the house you find cars in the fridge, cars under the couch, cars and more cars everywhere!  One of the main questions that I have been asked as the Mum of a car lover is - 'What do you do with them all? How do you store so many cars?'

I have been on Pinterest and searched for car storage ideas, and there are some beautiful ideas.  Most of them include someone to be a little crafty, or for holes in my walls...or both. I bet we would all love a house where we could have magnets on the walls, or a dedicated wall full of car racks. That's Pinterest...this is real life.  

Who has time to put all those cars away on those things anyway? We have put together 5 great real life ideas for you!  


 Toy Storage Ideas



1-  Fire Engine Storage box.

We have had this fire engine storage box for quite some time and love it.  I was so excited to find the contact to be able to sell it to you!

It's a fire engine - and it holds a large number of cars. It doesn't quite fit into the IKEA shelves, but it doesn't need to because when the lid is on it makes a fabulous seat. No need to hide this storage,  just put the lid on top and use it as seating! 

The box is truck sized at 48 x 32 x 32cm. The lid is padded and as a seat holds up to 100kg.


Fire Truck Storage Seat | Lucas loves cars


2 - A humble shoe box. (with toilet rolls no less!)

This one is great for the kids starting their collection.  It is also a great size to use for the favourites, whether it's trucks or blue ones, or changes every week.

I think it's fabulous because it's cheap, crafty, and might even encourage the members of the house to take that empty toilet roll off the holder.   Lucas loves it because he's now allowed to have a stash of cars in the lounge room.


DIY toy car storage  | Lucas loves cars


It's really as simple and putting the toilet rolls in the shoe box.  We didn't cut or stick or glue a thing!   I keep imagining I would paint it and write 'Lucas' Garage' on the side...but we've been using it and I never seem to get the chance to take it out of action for a few days while the renovations would take place.


3 - Brikbags

These Brikbags aren't just for bricks!  They are also a quick and easy way to pull out the cars for your little race car driver. Let them have a play and then at the end of the day, pick it up, pull the string and away they go! 

The Big City design is perfect for little (or bigger) car lovers and their wheels.  I wish I could get the head mechanic one to put all his stuff into one too! 


Brikbag toy storage | Lucas loves cars  


 Head here to see a video of just how simple it is and just how drastically it reduces the pack up time!   


4 -Penny Scallan Big City Storage

Hands up if you have the IKEA Expedit shelves!  We do!  The have actually stopped making them now, but the new alternative - the Kallax has the same internal dimensions, and so do many other shelves from alternate stores.  It's almost like there is now a shelving standard.  Thanks Expedit and IKEA!  We love it. 

You could get a boring storage box, but why would you when you have this great Penny Scallan Big City material box available? With a simple design on one side and a big truck on the other this storage box is screaming 'store your cars and trucks here!

 Penny Scallan IKEA cube storage | Lucas loves cars




I don't count the number of cars we have in our house any more.  Lucas has hand me downs, some of my work 'test cars' and cars from every birthday since he was 2.  Let's just say that there are quite a few.  With so many cars to store, I love the divide and conquer technique.  

The wooden ones are in a separate shoe box, partially because that makes them easy to find, partly for their own protection.  Looking around it seems my house decor now reflects this moto, by storing, and hiding, many toys.  Many pieces are second hand, love a good op-shop bargain.






What is your favourite storage solution for cars and trucks, or toys in general?   Have you got a great idea that I have not thought of yet?  Please share below - we are always interested in hearing how other Mums deal with all their cars!  


I'd also love to know - Where is the craziest place you have found a toy car?  


- Helle.