I love the school holidays, and sometimes I don't.  Not rushing to school, not having to wash school clothes all the time, spending relaxed fun time with Lucas.  LOVE them.  But some days my little only child is BORREEDD!  (you can just imagine how that sounds can't you?)  He's bored and grumpy and that makes me grumpy too. 

So we have some ideas to help you through those days.

The summer holidays are also fun because mostly the weather is GREAT!    So let's get outside!


 Unplugged and Outside


Ball Games

Give a kid a ball and you have a number of games you can play.  Soccer between the trees is one of our favourites.  Little kids can simply practice kicking the ball straight or kick it to you and you can kick it back.  If you want to wear them out, you might just kick it off to the side, just missing them, so the kids have to run and get it.  :)

Lucas always loves to commentate our ball games.  "Oh no, Mum has missed the shot, and now it's a chance for Lucas to kick the winning goal."

 Ball games


In the Park

There is so much to do in the park, the favourite is the swings (higher mummy!) or slipping down the slides.  A trip to the park does not need to include a playground though.  For this fun activity you simply need a wide open space.

In our house it's usually mum that has the wristband and sets off the spinner, and then everyone has to run to get the flying disk.  You can also let the kids have a go with the wristband.  It's exercise for all of you.  This one is actually more fun with more people, so bring a friend!



Sand Play  

Whether it's at the beach or in the backyard sandpit, these sand toys are a step up from the standard bucket and spade.  From a Spade that has a wheel on the other end, which makes tracks in the sand, to a Sand Drill to dig holes. (what is it about kids digging holes?)  There is an excavator that will dig and transport all day long and a sieve and oil tanker to ensure everyone has a role to play.  This is a full operation with sandcastles, motes, rivers and lots of digging.  




Roads to Anywere

With this removable road tape you can lay your roads anywhere.  Send the kids out on the verandah, in the backyard or at the local park.  The tape is made so that it will come off at the end of the day, and with 25m in a roll, there will be a lot of roads to make. Add some cereal boxes to build your own little town.


Go for a Bike Ride

There is nothing like the wind in your hair or the freedom that comes from riding a bike. Whether it's with training wheels, being on a big boys bike, or even sitting on the back of Dad's bike, going for a bike ride is great fun!

Give your bike some cool vibes and a very important safety tool with one of these BEEP bicycle bells


 Beep bicycle bells



Play in the dirt

On the days I want Lucas to get some fresh air, but that we both don't feel like getting into the car, we play in the dirt.  We make a race track with the tan-bark from the garden and Lucas will race his cars around it for quite a while.  Get their imagination started and many kids will keep it going.  This one is perfect for when I'm doing gardening or it's a busy day for washing, then I'm around to watch, and sometimes join in.




Oops, that was 6 ideas.  We hope you enjoy the outdoors and the weather is perfect for some outside play.  Today is perfect...so we're headed out right now.

What else do you do on your holidays, to get the kids outside?

Vroom Vroom

- Helle.