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National Literacy and Numeracy Week

29th August to 4th September is National Literacy and Numeracy Week 2016. 

We have a list of fun toys that will help your child to learn numbers and letters while they play! 

Unplugged, inside and free!

Unplugged - free inside activities

Living in Melbourne with kids we always end up spending a couple of cold and wet afternoons inside - watching the rain pelting down on the windows and thankful that the heater works!

Here are three games and activities for those afternoons when we need to be unplugged and are stuck inside! 



I love the school holidays,  and some times I hate them.  

Not rushing to school, not having to wash school clothes all the time, spending relaxed fun time with Lucas.  LOVE them.  

Then some days my little only child is BORREEDD (you can just imagine how that sounds can't you?)  He's bored and grumpy and that makes me grumpy too. 

So we have some ideas to help you through those days.