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POKE A BOOK - Bubble wrap fun in a book.

We need to show you a ViDEO of the fabulous POKE A DOT books.  

Janod Grand Prix Playset

The Janod Grand Prix playset opens up to reveal a grandstand  and  you put together the roads that complete a race track. With 4  cars  there are enough for two to share.                                                  Win one here!

5 THINGS ABOUT BOYS - I learnt from Maggie Dent

Maggie Dent boys boys boys The other night I went to a seminar called BOYS, BOYS, BOYS!  I'd wanted to see Maggie Dent speak for a while and this seemed to be a perfect fit for my interests.  I think I have a good relationship with Lucas, but sometimes...


River Roads and Rails game for 6 yr olds

Rivers, Roads and Rails game is a huge favourite in our house at the moment.

The idea behind the game is really simple.  Each tile has a variety of the River, Road or Rail. Some tiles have all three, others might have the River stopping at a Dam or a tunnel where the Rail starts.  


MONZA Race Board Game -  The colourful wooden racing cars weave back and forth as they speed around the track on their race to the finish line.

The wooden dice and the cutest cars makes this board game a stunning visually as well as a fun game to play. Even Lucas was entranced by the little cars.