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Boys always have holes in their pants don't they?

Rivers, Roads and Rails game is a huge favourite in our house at the moment.

The idea behind the game is really simple.  Each tile has a variety of the River, Road or Rail. Some tiles have all three, others might have the River stopping at a Dam or a tunnel where the Rail starts.  

Each player receives a number of tiles and when it is their turn they have to match one of their tiles to the existing River, road and rail scene.  When you have played for a little while you create a little town scene.


The tiles have a variety of Rivers, Roads and Rails and some fun additional town scenes.


As the game progresses the town is built.

Mummy review:  This is a great game of logic.  Some tiles may have the river and road, but they could be the wrong way around for the current tile that needs to be played.  For the best fun, you need a LARGE space to play this game.  The floor is perfect!  

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