Gingerbread men the 'Lucas way' (Trains, cars, aeroplanes and more!)



Usually it's 'Mummy can you play cars with me?' but this afternoon it was 'Mummy can we make biscuits!'  

I had mentioned to Lucas earlier in the day that we should try out the new Transport Biscuit cutters that we are now selling. ( Available HERE )  We are making biscuits for his birthday in a few weeks, so I thought we should do a practice run.

Here is the fun we had in pictures.

Step 1 - Wash your hand (no photo!)

Step 2 - We had to open the package and look at the lovely shapes.

Step 3 - Gather all the ingredients.

Step 4 - Make a mess!


Step 5 - Yummy cooked biscuits.

Step 6 - decorate (yeah Mum did these ones.)