We have an old house and we don't have a bath.  For a long time Lucas was washed in the laundry tub, then he outgrew that and we put a plastic bath at the bottom of the shower for his bath time.

Now he is really good at having a shower and he mostly enjoys it.   Usually he takes a car in there to drive around the walls.  The colour changing cars that change with the water temperature were the best thing to get him into the shower for a while.

Sometimes I feel sad that he doesn't get the chance to splash around in a bath.  But then I realised that he doesn't have to miss out completely. We have just given him a set of the Traffic Bath Fun and now shower time has never been so much fun.


Believe me - he doesn't think he's missing out on anything!   He is in the shower until his fingers go wrinkly.  The whole time you can hear 'Vroomm Vroom' and 'Nee-Naw Nee-Naw' coming from the bathroom.

You can see this car going for a drive.


I took some photos to show just how colourful and detailed the pictures are and how well they stick to the shower glass  They would stay up there for days if I didn't take them down.

Anything to makes bath, umm I mean SHOWER time more fun is good with me.
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Vroom Vroom.