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MONZA Race Board Game -  The colourful wooden racing cars weave back and forth as they speed around the track on their race to the finish line.

The wooden dice and the cutest cars makes this board game a stunning visually as well as a fun game to play. Even Lucas was entranced by the little cars.

The rules that are easy to explain to a little person and the game length will have you suggesting 'best out of three?' so you can finish your tea while you play.

The colours rolled on the six die determine your speed. A car may only be moved to the next space on the board if the colour matches one of the dice you have thrown. 

Mummy review:  This game was quick for us to learn and was actually great fun. The cars can move surprisingly fast in three moves, and then they might not be able to move in the next turn. So the winner is not always easy to guess.  It was fun for Lucas and fun for us.  


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- Helle