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We want you to get the most out of your toys. so we are putting together some hints and inspiration for you to help give you ideas for ways to play with your toys.


Play ideas Inspiring kids


Don't we all hate when you get a toy and they stay in the box, instead of collecting memories and inspiring minds they are collecting dust and inspire Mum to de-clutter! 

That is why we love when our customers show us the different ways they use our products to create play experiences.  There are so many ways to use your toys to engage the kids. 



If you see a packet of magnets and think - I need a fridge or a magnetic board!?   Sure you do, you're like me and many others.  

Recently Finding Myself Young came up with some spectacular ways to use her Wooden Vehicle Magnets to entertain her daughter.  We asked her if we could share them, and being the lovely sweetheart that she is she agreed!  All the images and ideas are hers. 



Hide your magnets in a container and the kids use tools to dig them out. 

Kids love to practice their motor skills. Digging with spoons and using tongs is much less messy if the kids have a chance to practices those skills without food.  Also it's great to practice these activities when we are not all hungry and ready for bed.

Try hiding your magnets in a container of coloured rice, the colour helps to camouflage the magnets.  Don't have coloured rice at hand?  This this activity works with normal rice, or try some uncooked pasta.  

The idea is that they have to dig out the magnets using the tools and not their hands, give them a soup spoon or a sieve and let them explore how everything works. 


hide the toys -play ideas | Lucas loves cars  


If you would like to MAKE COLOURED RICE here are the steps: 
1. put 1 cup plain rice into a zip lock bag with a few drops of food colouring + 1 cap of vinegar
2. shake bag until the colouring is thoroughly mixed through the rice
3. put the rice on some paper towel on a tray and leave to dry overnight


All the magnets have a different shape.  Can you match the magnet to the shape?

Draw the magnet outlines on a sheet of paper, then your little one can match the magnets to the shape. 

Some great tips - Do just a few so its not overwhelming for little one to work out.  Finding Myself Young colour coded her shapes, and added the name of the vehicles.

Laminate the page and you can use it a few times without worrying about it being ripped.


Match the shape | Lucas loves cars Play ideas


 This would work well with letter and number magnets too!



Use the magnets as a guide, line them up on one side of your table and then let the kids find the matching toy.  

Check that you have the toys you need to match the magnet image.  If you don't have any truck toys then don't include that magnet in the game.

If you're finding it really hard to match the magnets to the toys, try using pictures from a magazine instead of toys.    

Play ideas | Lucas loves cars


When you are finished having fun the magnets can go back onto the fridge or magnet board.  Get the kids to line them up by size,  by rainbow colour.

Simple set of magnets and do many play ideas.  All these activities will keep the kids entertained and they will enjoy learning colours, shapes and motor skills. 

Play ideas magnets | Lucas loves cars


These activities were with the Melissa and Doug vehicles magnets, there is also a set for Dinosaur lovers. 


- Helle