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Please don't buy more toys.

rotate your toys -  war on waste - Lucas loves cars  So this is a pretty weird thing for me to say as a toy store owner.   Surely this isn't the way for me to encourage you to buy more.  Give me just a minute and I'll try to explain to you why I'm asking you not to buy more.....


 We love Easter, well Lucas loves the chocolate, and I love the extra long weekend to spend time with the family.  ( oh yeah and chocolate too!)


Every Easter I enjoy searching through Pinterest for printables and fun things to these....

Play ideas - Magnet fun

Play ideas Lucas loves cars We want you to get the most out of your toys. so we are putting together some hints and inspiration for you to help give you ideas for ways to play with your toys.  

This episode we have some great ideas for your magnets.


8 Wet Afternoon Activities

Well the cold weather has settled in here in Melbourne.  

So we asked you for your ideas on afternoon activities for when it is wet and cold outside.  And here are some of the things you love to do, which are some of the things that we love to do too!