Let's make a Halloween Monster

Let's make a cheap, fun, kid-friendly Halloween decoration for the front door.

I'm gonna give you a few steps to make this Halloween Monster.


monster halloween decoration


From the start I want to make it clear that I stole this idea from Andrea Nelson. Naturally her Monster is cooler than mine, but it's not a competition.

Andrea gives my Instagram scrolling a pop of creativity and I love her t-shirts and her craft ideas. 

I highly recommend that you follow @andrea.nelson.art on Instagram and let me know if you find anything that you decide to try.


Get the bits.

Head to the shops.  I have a lot of craft paraphernalia at home, but nothing like the items needed for this cute Monster project.

Andrea suggests the $2 store, which might work in Australia too, but I was already in Spotlight so I grabbed everything while I was there.  (not sponsored) 

 Make monster craft activity


The main items are a ring, and fun googly eyes. This cost me around $25.  I bought way more material than I needed,  so will be cheaper if I want to make another one.


Green strips.

So this is where I deviated from the original.  Hey - this is craft, and he's my monster, so I can do whatever I want!

My material is thick, stiff and cheap, not miles of glittery ribbon which was the original design.  I couldn't find the ribbon cheap enough so we had to manual cut our material.

When we got home (or two weeks later) we cut up the green material into strips.

Our strips were approx two inches wide.  I know because Lucas was using my quilting ruler and cutter.  (He's 13 - don't let little ones near your quilting!)


It's not easy being green.

This bit the kids can help with.  A great way to practise fine motor skills.

Time to tie all those green strips around the ring.  Our material was so stiff we just needed the one knot not the double.

And keep going ... and keep going.

 Make Monster Halloween decoration


Add some teeth.

So I found some white cardboard as wide as the ring, and then cut up and down to make teeth.

I like that the teeth are symmetrical, sort of.   So I cut them with a sharp knife.


Add the Eyes

So I added the eyes and teeth at the same time.  Some PVA glue on the back and on they go.

This bit was about as fun as waiting for paint to dry.  he he 


He's ready to scare the neighbourhood.


monster halloween decoration


I'm thinking I might add some eyelashes ... but I think the other monsters might make fun of him.


There is a printable Halloween note for the neighbours here.   Great for getting everyone involved.