How big are the WayToPlay roads?

We have had so many people asking us - 'How big are the Waytoplay roads?'

So we have decided to give you the answer in the best way we know how.  By comparing them to our toy cars.


What size are waytoplay roads | Australian toy store | Lucas loves cars



Frequently Asked Question:

Our thinking is that when you ask 'How big are those WaytoPlay roads?'  You are really asking which toy cars will fit on those fabulous roads? 


Side note:  The Brand is Waytoplay not Way To Play,  So if you search for them on the website,  try searching for Waytoplay


The technical answer

The size of the roads, in centimetres, is listed on the product pages. 

They are all 11 cm wide.

Every track is the same width. The different sets are longer or have different corners and turns, but they are all the same width.

OK, so does that fit a matchbox car, a big truck, a small truck?


No one wants to go back and forwards between the cars products, writing down the sizes and then comparing that to the size of a WayToPlay road!  #whosgottimeforthat?


What cars fit on my WayToPlay roads?

All cars is the simple answer.  Kids do not care if the cars take up the whole road.  The youngsters especially have no concept that the road should be 2 way.


But that is a cop out - and we didn't get your attention to tell you, well, nothing!

So here are some of the car toys that we know and love,  and some pictures of how they sit on a WayToPlay track. 

Candylab Cars

Candylab cars come in the original size, a junior size and a mini size.


The mini size Candylab cars were made to fit on the Waytoplay roads, so they fit perfectly in the parking spaces.


Candylab cars | waytoplay rubber roads | Lucas loves cars


The Candylab junior car is a size that fits really well on one side of the road.

Waytoplay roads | Candylab Cars | lucas loves cars

 Candylab junior taxi and police car.


The larger orignial Candylab toy cars also it on the WayToPlay roads really well, but aren't as happy to share the road.

Candylab | toy police cars | WaytoPLay roads | Lucas loves cars

 Candylab police car toys, original size and jumior size.



Le Toy Van Monte Carlo Racecars

We love the Le Toy Van Monte Carlo race car set.  Fun race cars are so fun, and they fit so very well on the WayToPlay roads.   

We would pair them with the WaytoPlay Grand Prix set for a great gift. 

Waytoplay roads | Le Toy Van toys | Lucas loves cars

 Monte Carlo race cars by Le Toy Van are the perfect size for a race track.



Playforever race cars are super shiny and sleek. They are a bit big for the roads, but they are a bit like the James Bond of toy cars.  They will fit in anywhere, and cause a scene.   Forever, Play forever.

 Playforever toy cars | Waytoplay roads | Lucas loves cars



Qtoys wooden car set 

These Qtoys cars are beautiful, simple wooden cars. Each car has a different design and unique wood features.  They smell like wood and allow the imagination to work, while connecting us to the natural world around us.

And they fit perfectly on the WayToPlay roads.

Qtoys wooden car set | waytoplay roads | Lucas loves cars


 Grimms cars

Grimms convertible cars are so cute and they love to drive to the shops and all around town.


Grimms convertible car | Way to play rubber roads | Lucas loves cars


The Grimms slimline cars have such amazing colours. The pastel shades of these cars are vibrant and the shapes are fun and easy to grasp.  And being Slimline, they fit really well on the road.


Grimms | Grimms Slimline cars | Lucas loves cars  

Chunky Cars  

Chunky cars are made for little hands.  They are a bigger car and so they take up the whole road.  Perfect for little brothers joining in.

With WayToPlay roads you make the road rules.


Chunky cars wooden toys | Australian toy store | lucas loves cars  

 Lubulona cars

The stunning Lubulona brand is a perfect size for your waytoplay roads.  With houses to build, trees to stack and of course cars for driving up and down the roads. They also have tunnels that are perfect for train tracks!






Waytoplay rubber roads |  car toy store | Lucas loves cars


So now you just need to decide - what size pack do you NEED?

From the 40 pieces King of the road, down to the 12 piece Ring road.

Check out all the waytoplay sets here. 

Waytoplay rubber road toy cars | Australian toy store | Lucas loves cars



We have so many cars in the garage,  if you would like help or information about how they would fit on the WayToPlay roads, or any other info, please email us. 

We love talking toys and cars. 

And we LOVE to see your roads in action!   Share your photos with us on Facebook or Instagram. 

Waytoplay | Wobbel board | Lucas loves cars


Waytoplay rubber roads |  car toy store | Lucas loves cars

Vroom vroom

- Helle


Helle owns Lucas loves cars.  Working with toys since 2012, she has played with toys for a long time and is very picky about which toys make the list.   Like a spoilt child, she will have a tantrum if the toy doesn't work and will play for hours if she finds it engaging and fun.  Or until someone tells her it's time for lunch. 

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