Candylab cars are stylish wooden toy cars, with classic design and sweet lines.  From 4WD adventure trucks to old fashioned cool cars.

Also a favourite is the Candylab mini cars, the Candycars,  and  Food Trucks these cars look good and are ready to ride with rubber wheels and beautiful designs. 

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Candylab Graffiti Truck  | Candylab toy cars  | Lucas loves cars
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Candylab Runner | Candylab Australia | Candylab car toys | Lucas loves cars
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Candycab Toll Booth | Candylab car toys | Lucas loves cars
Candycab mini Police | Candylab car toys | Lucas loves cars
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Why we love Candylab cars

The Candycar range includes mini cars, made to fit the waytoplay roads. A fun range of colours and campers to explore the countryside, as well as a huge menu of food trucks for your small world play.

When you have many cars it's also great to have a garage to store them and the Candylab magnetic garage does these with style and ease. Magnets holding onto the cars so it can be moved without the cars rolling off.