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How big are the WayToPlay roads?

Waytoplay | way to play | toy cars | Lucas loves cars   We have had so many people asking us - 'How big are the WayToPlay roads?'

So we have decided to give you the answer in the best way we know how.  By comparing them to our toy cars.

Toys and Home Safety

Toy safety tips | Save a Kid | Lucas loves cars

At Lucas loves cars we love quality toys.  They look better, they feel better and most importantly they are safer for little people to play with.

As part of our commitment to safety, we asked Megan from Save A Kid to help us with some Safety tips around the play area in our home. 

Introducing the Little Red Car.

Introducing the little red car | Lucas loves cars Come and meet the Little Red Car - making online purchases here at Lucas loves cars garage that bit easier.

Helping you get a better idea of size and ensuring no surprises when shopping online with us.

Introducing Milaniwood

Introducing the beautiful toys of Milaniwood.  Made in Italy and perfect alternative to screen time. These toys can be used alone, or play against siblings or friends.