WAYTOPLAY - 24 Piece Highway - PREORDER

Product Description
We have ordered more of these gorgeous road sets - 
They will be here EARLY December.  ( eta Dec 4th) 


Pre order now and we will send them when they come in!
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A bigger pack means there is more scope for changing the roads you are on!  

Directly from the Netherlands!  We have found these fun,  flexible rubber roads.  They are wide and will go over any surface.  Tiles, wooden floors, carpet, out in the dirt or at the beach.

Waytoplay, the flexible toy road made up of easy to connect course parts just like a train track, with straight parts, corners, cross overs, you make your roads the way you want them. 

This pack has 24 pieces allowing for many different roadways.

Ages:  3+
Size:  11 cm width x 3.76 Metres of road.