Way to Play

waytoplay or Way to Play - these flexible rubber roads are a must have for any car lover.  They can be played on every surface indoors  and outdoors. Roads that go where ever you want to go...the beach, outside or the lounge room.

These toys are made in Netherlands. 

waytoplay roads

Why we love Waytoplay roads

These roads are the toy I wish I had when Lucas was little.  I gave up counting how many times we drove cars around the coffee table.

Whether it is a racetrack, a street for your play village or a road to nowhere at the beach, these flexible rubber roads provide the perfect space for your car lover to drive their cars and trucks.

The Candylab mini cars were made to perfectly fit into the parking spaces, but we have found that most of the kids don't mind if the cars are a little bigger than the lane.  We have a  Blog post to show you the different cars and how they fit on the roads.

The perfect gift for car lovers and a terrific addition to any small world town.