Playforever Enzo - Gunmetal

Product Description

You can just imagine speeding down country lanes; racing through deep puddles with wind whistling and steam pouring off the manifold; the comforting ‘ting ting ting’ sound of a cooling engine coupled with warming hands on toasty engines, Enzo motorbike is the slightly eccentric brother of the Classic playforever series.

Rounded curves and sleek lines constructed from a heavy duty plastic ensure it's tough as well as beautiful. Hints of red pop from the grey of this sleek bike. 

Designed in the UK they are made from heavy duty plastic and are built to last.

ABS Plastic with high gloss UV coating. Hand-polished with care.
Size:    25 x  19.5 x 13cm 
Age: 3+  through to 99 years
Brand: Playforever

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