Playforever Cars

Playforever is a brand of toy cars that is inspired by the sleek cars on the road. Shiny and stylish, then with a hint whimsy, with dogs or cats in the drivers seat. 

These toy cars glide along on their sweet wheels, with clean lines, they are all  beauty and shine.  You know they look great on a shelf, they are also fun to play with.


With many of these cars wearing racing numbers,  these cars are a great keepsake for a special birthday.  

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Why we love Playforever cars

We love them because the kids love them. 

Playforever are an English based brand, with a love of design, creating high end toys for us all to enjoy. Drawing inspiration from iconic racing cars and fighter planes from the 1920s, as well as classic 1960s New York.

 Playforever cars look stunning in an office, but it's not just the look.  These cars drive so beautifully and smoothly that you will be ready for a long drive or a speedy race.  And you can't race with just one!

 A beautiful range, from the Luft which is a Porsche inspired cars, to the quirky Weller range with dogs driving cars. Now that is a kids dream!