Ocamora Teniques 7 piece set - Preorder

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Expected  delivery mid September
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Can you balance the rocks on top of each other?   Turn it over and see if that is easier.   A great way for kids to learn about balance and practice their fine motor skills.

Not just for kids...this is something the family can enjoy. How high can you stack your set?

Each rock has been beautifully handcrafted with natural contours and flat edges.

This set promotes fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, spatial awareness and balance to name a few. In addition children enjoy the soft touch of wood. 

Please keep in mind when buying a wooden toy that it comes directly from a tree, providing you with natural durablity. Trees naturally grow with streaks and knots and if you are lucky will find some of these characteristics in your toys.

7 rock shaped pieces

Size:   4-5 cm 

Ages:  3+ years

Brand: Ocamora


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