Ocamora toys are made in a small toy factory in Spain.  Hand made with love and respect for the wood they use to make their beautiful toys. A new business with an old soul.


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 Ocamora wooden toys Australia

Why we love Ocamora Toys


Ocamora toys are hand made and use wood from sustainably managed forests, eco-friendly paints and natural vegetable oils.  They have beautiful wooden rainbows of all colours, to suit your favourite colours and room decor.  With a unique range of beautiful blocks for building and sweet houses to use in your small world play. 


Using the beauty of the natural wood, toys that include spacemen, rockets, aliens and UFO's  the team at Ocamora create quality toys with a modern twist.  A beautiful combination of the classic design and quality that means they will last for years.

We are so happy to have one of the largest ranges of Ocamora toys in Australia.