Ocamora Construction set

Product Description

This stunning natural wood and coloured construction set consists of 25 pieces that combines different geometric shapes and natural and coloured wood.

A lovely addition to your existing blocks and building sets.

Designed for small hands and big imaginations.

These blocks can be used for stacking and building or integrated with other play sets. Like all blocks, this set promotes fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, spatial awareness and balance to name a few. In addition children enjoy the soft touch of wood. 

This set has been created in Spain using wood from sustainably managed forests, eco-friendly paints and natural vegetable oils. 

Set includes

5 triangular blocks, 4cm
5 natural cubes, 4cm
5 coloured cubes, 4cm
5 natural rectangluar blocks, 4cm x 8cm
5 coloured rectangular blocks, 4cm x 8cm

Size:   blocks based on 4 cm

Ages:  4+ years

Brand: Ocamora


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