Toys for the Park.

As adults, when we go somewhere that is geared to adults, and we have the kids with us, it pays to plan ahead and bring some fun for them.  

Don't pull out the iPad.  We have some toys guaranteed to entertain, and even better - they fit in a backpack, or large handbag.



This is where a little bit of planning makes a big difference.

Here are some toys and tips to make a trip to the park fun and games.

My gorgeous friend Jess the power house behind Frankie and Roy, headed to a local winery and showed us some of the great toys they enjoyed. Most of these photos were taken by the amazing  Natalie Davies Photography.


 playing in the park | Ball games | Lucas loves cars


1.  Balls Balls Balls.

Kicking, bouncing, throwing. Balls are always the easiest way to keep active kids busy if you have the room.

We often create 'goals' and play a friendly game of soccer.  You can use two trees planted closely together and if that's not an option just use a jacket or a bag.

What about tunnel ball if you have a few kids playing with you.

When you are ready for the kids to slow down a little you can play pass the parcel with the ball. With a little handball to the person next to them.

 The scrunch balls can be blown up on site, so they will fit in that handbag!



2.  Fishing Game.

The Janod Fishing Game is small enough to fit in a day bag.  One of the essential elements of toys that you take with you.

With two fishing rods, this is a toy for sharing and we love that it can be played at a table, or on the picnic rug.



3.  Felt rings

We adore these felt rings. They come in a few different colour ranges and are so strong and large.

Perfect for a game of toss.   Place a stick, a rock, a water bottle on the ground and see if your child can do the ring toss!

Now put the rings on the ground and see if you can toss a ball into the ring.

Get two kids to hang on to one felt ring, one hand each. Then see if they can work together to race around a track.



4. Roads and cars.

We always have cars with us when we go anywhere.  Add a Waytoplay set and you have a race circuit for the kids to drive their cars around.

The right car for the occasion, make sure the car you take has thick wheels to be able to go off road.  A monster truck would be great, or a chunky wooden car.



5. Colouring in

The Hey Doodle Mats were also a big hit for some quiet time. With a variety of designs these mats roll up and are reusable.  Perfect for putting into your bag and play on the go.


The main things you are looking for is small toys and a toy with many play opportunities. 

Check here for our Outdoor toys collection and also think of including some Nature toys to encourage a love of nature and outdoors.

So when you head out for a trip to a winery, the local park, or an outdoor coffee date with a friend remember to pack your bag of fun. 

Now, Red or White?


- Helle.


Helle owns Lucas loves cars. Working with toys since 2012, she has played with toys for a long time and is very picky about which toys make the list. Like a spoilt child, she will have a tantrum if the toy doesn't work and will play for hours if she finds it engaging and fun. Or until someone tells her it's time for lunch.