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Encourage the kids outside with our range of outdoor toys for kids, and adults. Get them outside and exploring the nature around them, from the backyard to the local park.

So many fun ways to get them outside enjoying the fresh air and off those screens. Toys for the beach, the park, the big wide world and their own backyards. Our range of outdoor toys are durable, engaging and fun.


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Tips to get kids outside 

The easiest way to get kids outside is to make it fun.  Take a Playground ball  and head out to play!  A treasure hunt, can you find a tree with red leaves?  A bench? 

Outdoor toys can be as simple as a magnifying glass to allow them to see nature up close, a Playground ball to kick back and forwards, beach toys in the backyard, or toys for getting messy while they the nature around them.

Add water and a boat for fun in the hot weather and gumboots to jump in the puddles in winter.

Set up a few different activities and call it a circuit. They you can time them to see how fast they can finish the game or do a lap around the circuit. 

Looking for some picnic play ideas?  We have created a blog with some tips and suggestions for  toys that are great for the park.