TOP 10 TOYS IN 2022

The past year has been an interesting one, ups and downs. It's absolutely been a year of change.  At the start of the year we could not have predicted this list.

Well apart from number 1 which we always knew would be pretty popular.

Our highest selling item every year is Gift Wrapping.

We love wrapping your gifts and helping you to spoil those that you can't be with. We have a fun, colourful range of wrapping paper, from dinosaurs, the alphabet and colourful fun.

 gift wrapping


We are so excited that all the toys on our list are are mostly eco-friendly, all battery free and some are new versions of classics.  And all of them are affordable fun.  

These are not in order, no ranking and numbers here, we love them equally as the toys we enjoyed in the last half of 2022.

Are these at your house already? 

Check them out.


Glo Pals

The new toys that are lighting up bath times! 

glo pals top toy  

Sensory toys, fun characters and light up cubes that are water-activated, light-up fun.

Check out all the Glo Pals range here.


Smash Jump Ramp

A beautiful ball run ramp that is an open ended building opportunity. 

smash jump ramp wooden toy

This 15 Wooden Piece set by Explore Nook provides so many learning opportunities for children to design, build and of course play. 

Great for inside, or take it outside for some fresh air fun.

Create your ramp and then Watch the balls jump!


Micki Weaving Frame Round

This classic Micki wooden weaving frame will send you in circles. 

top 10 products creative weaving frame

Thick or thin threads, or mix them up. Use different colours to make different patterns.

A beautiful creative toy that will keep their hands and minds busy while they are busy making. 

There is a round frame or a square frame by Micki here.


Scrunch beach toys

The foldable, scrunchable colourful beach toys.

 scrunch best beach toys

Made from eco friendly silicone, these toys are easy to pack in your brach bag.

Choose your colour in a whole range of scrunch beach toys, buckets, spades, rakes moulds and watering cans.

Are you going to mix and match or get your Scrunch beach toys all matching.


Wooden Bubble wand

Blowing Bubbles just became eco-friendly.

top 10 eco friendly toys bubble wand

You can use this great stirrer for blowing bubbles, stirring potion, slime or any messy play.   

Not just hours of play for you and the kids, we are taking these to a beach wedding. 

Bring on the bubbles, with a home made bubble recipe too.


Hey Doodle Mini Mats

The beautiful HeyDoodle mats are a great size for travel and are reusable.

 hey doodle mini mats most popular toys

Actually, not that itty bitty, (they are half the original size) these mats are a perfect size for travel and they come in a cardboard tube, so they are easy to take with you.

These are a gorgeous gift and make great party favours, fun for hospital stays, flights and weekends away!

A fun range of designs to choose from.


Pull Back Aussie Animals

With smooth curves this Echidna and a Koala pull back toy are ready to go.

pull back aussie animal toys tiger tribe

With no batteries required, little ones simply pull these Aussie animals backwards, release and then watch them zoom across the floor.

Get them here and watch them go.


Heap of Sheep

The name is fun,  and this game will keep you laughing!

heap of sheep populalr toy for 2022

Take it in turns to use your springboard to launch your fluffy velcro sheep into the  paddock.  A fun game with sheep flying, not just good for the kids.

A great game for 5 years and up, check it out here.


Tap Tap Construction

This game in a box allows your little one to create their own unique vehicle or use the cards as a guide.

tap tap construction toy 

They can use the hammer and their imagination and enhance their fine motor skills with this fantastic construction truck creator.

Tap here to see the info.


Forklift Frenzy

So unique and we have had great feedback that the kids are loving this one.

 forklift frenzy best game of 2022

You have a forklift, and your job is to stack barrels. The goal is to stack the barrels to match the challenge card and then place that stack on your platform first using ONLY one of the two toy forklifts.

 Get your forklift here.


With Special mention going to these toys that were pipped at the post and almost had a place in the list.

Check out our Trending Toys page for a longer list of amazing toys.


top 10 toys of 2022



- Helle.


Helle owns Lucas loves cars.  Working with toys since 2012, she has played with toys for a long time and is very picky about which toys make the list.   Like a spoilt child, she will have a tantrum if the toy doesn't work and will play for hours if she finds it engaging and fun.  Or until someone tells her it's time for lunch.