Scrunch Beach toys

The Award-winning Scrunch beach toys starts with the Scrunch bucket.

The original recyclable, reusable, beach sand bucket.  Squash them in your pocket or squish them into the corner of a suitcase.  

Made from 100% silicone which is derived from sand, they are environmentally friendly, recyclable and reusable.



Scrunch beach toys

 The beauty of Scrunch Beach Toys

Reinventing the Beach toys of old, not longer will the hard plastic crack and break after a summer or holiday.   And no longer do you need a whole bag dedicated to your beach toys when you travel.

Easy to throw in a bag, fun to play with and beautiful too.  Match your buckets and spades, with your sand moulds  or choose all the colours to create a rainbow beach play set.

These are the beach toys that look good and will last.  Did we mention they are also recyclable!