For my whole life I have had most of my family overseas.  Cousins, uncles, aunts and now the next generation of kids.   

When a birthday came around, or when we were lucky enough to go for a visit, I would spend hours searching for gifts that weren't.....well, weren't NAFF.   

What is NAFF?   NAFF is the gifts that you give and then no-one uses. The 6th set of coasters, or a t-shirt that says I ❤️ AUS, that is always the wrong size. 


Australian gift ideas for kids | Lucas loves cars


Thankfully, long gone are the days of stuffed koalas made in China. 

Well, when I say long gone, they are still about I'm sure, but we now have so many other fabulous gifts to offer.   

I'm happy to share this fabulous collection of Australian toys. We are sure that  there is something for everyone here. 

Let's check them out:




Make Me Iconic toys | Lucas loves cars

Make Me Iconic Australian gifts | Lucas loves cars

Make me Iconic have turned the Australian souvenir on it's head.  Focussing on gorgeous toys which also happen to be Australian icons.  

Whether you are from Melbourne,  are a sunny Sydney sider or live out at the beach, Make Me Iconic has a toy that suits your style.

From the Iconic Post Box to the Classic Aussie Ute,  or even a tin of Iconic Bikkies, these toys are fun!  




 Mister fly Australian gifts for babies kids | Lucas loves carsMister fly kids gifts | Australian gifts | Lucas loves cars

Mister Fly have a soft range of baby gifts that will surely make them feel loved.

Beautiful muted tones, from playmats, rattles and more. 




Australian animals book Alphaprints | Lucas loves cars

Learn all about animals that live Down Under with this Alphaprints book of Australian Animals.

Also learn to read and count with beautiful books full of Australian animals.




Australian toys and gifts for kids | Tiger Tribe  | Lucas loves cars

A fabulous Australian business that also makes amazing Australian designed toys and gifts.

The Roly Poly Koala has a sweet sounding bell and will be a big winner with the crawling kids.  Paired with a koala teether and a pram book, they have the little kids gifts sorted. 


5 - Milton Ashby

Milton aShby Australian toys | Lucas loves cars

Buy Milton Ashby Online | Lucas loves cars

The designs might not be Australian themed, but these beautiful Australian Made wooden toys are a great gifts to give.   Support a local business and give a beautiful gift.  Presented in a tin box, they look and feel special.


6 - Have a Nice Day

Have a nice day | Australian gifts | Lucas loves cars

Buy Milton Ashby Online | Lucas loves cars

With a business name like Have a Nice Day this team were always going to be making fabulous fun toys.  Beautifully simple and tough enough to stand the kid love. Made in Queensland.


7 - Sweet Aussie Animals

Nana Huchy cuddly Australian Animals soft toys

Buy Milton Ashby Online | Lucas loves cars

A cuddly soft toy Kangaroo named Kylie, Eddie the Emu or maybe your favourite is Keith the Koala.  Soft toys that are perfect for cuddles. Soft baby rattles too.


8 - A map of Australia where you will see it! 

Australian storage bag for toys  | Lucas loves cars

Buy Milton Ashby Online | Lucas loves cars

A storage bag that holds all their toys, easy to pack up and easy to play.  One side is covered in Kangaroos, the other is a map of Australia.  


9 - Hand Painted BEEP Bicycle Bells

Hand made Beep bicycle bells | Lucas loves cars

Buy Milton Ashby Online | Lucas loves cars

These stunning bicycle bells are designed, hand-painted and shipped out of Newcastle, Australia.   Love them.   Ding Ding. 

10 -  Anything from these fab companies. 




Thanks for playing with us. 

- Helle.

 Helle is the owner and head toy lover at Lucas loves cars.  She has been playing with toys for over 5 years, and still hasn't got it quite right, so will continue to play for a while yet.