Lego Party for a 6 YR OLD.

So the little guy is turning 6!   ( did that happen!?)   Although Lucas does still love his cars he has discovered and become quite a fan of LEGO.  Mostly the lego cars and trucks of course.

  So we had a Lego party.


The little lego men and the candles really made the cake look stunning.

This was actually not as difficult as it might look. I cooked a rectangle shaped cake. Then cut one end off ( about an inch thick) and shaped the round 'studs' with a scone cutter.  Then the pre made (bought) bright red fondant icing was rolled out into a thin sheet and draped over the lego shape.  Gently smooth it around the shape of the cake. It's a lot like play dough! The bottom of the cake looked messy so we put a little bit of cardboard around to give it an edge.  Add the fun bits and it's done.


The other party food item that was a little special was the Tiny Teddy chocolate cars, everyone loves them!  And they went fast. 


We kept the party colours red, yellow, black and lego.  The invitation was a free printable from the internet, simple and big enough for Lucas to write the details.  We have pinned it to our Pinterest PARTY Board.


The decorations were quite minimal. I printed out some lego images from the internet, laminated them and hung them to the door, so people knew this was the party house!

We had a headless lego man stuck to the window ready to play 'bluetac' the head to the lego man. Again the lego man and his head were from the wonderful world of the internet.


 We had a number of activities planned (they are pinned to our PARTY board on PINTEREST if you are looking for inspiration!)

But it was so hot that we just jumped on the trampoline with water balloons.  The kids got soaked and had a fantastic time.  No photos of that because we were having way too much fun to stop.

 We included lego biscuits and lego soaps in the goodie bags.  (Purchased from Soap  Avenue and BonnieBix because I'm not that clever!)

I keep forgetting that kids at this age just want to run around and have fun. They didn't check to see if the icing was cracked, or if the little cars had their wheels on straight.  

Boy can 10 little people use up a LOT of energy.  I'm done....until next year! 

- Helle.