Thank you - quickly, beautiful, lovely, cute.

It was such a tough day for me and for Lucas loves cars on Friday. 

The website went down (no fault of ours, our provider had issues)  There was nothing I could do about it and it was so hard to not have our window to the world open.

And then I remembered that I had just received this beautiful note from a new crew member.....and I realised you guys will stick with us even if we have a little unplanned 'holiday'.  

I love these notes, I keep them for the crazy times. they are like gold for me, (or spinach if I was Popeye) and as a busy Mum myself I know it takes time and effort we often don't have, which makes me appreciate them all the more. ❤️


Thank you  lucas loves cars testimonial



Hi, I received my item from you today and I just wanted to say a huge thank you for providing such outstanding customer service. My item came quickly and the way that you packaged it was just beautiful. Thank you also for the lovely magnet notepad, I use these all the time and it's so cute, it will definitely be going on my fridge! You should be very proud of your business, your web page is so easy to use and I will definitely be coming back!

I was looking everywhere for the green dash bitty brick bag and that's when I came across your web page, you were the only ones who had this bag in stock so thank you very much!!



bitty green Brikbaggreen brikbag | Lucas loves cars

Bitty brikbag and cars