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Thank you - quickly, beautiful, lovely, cute. 0

review lucas loves cars I love these notes, I keep them for the crazy times. they are like gold for me, (or spinach if I as Popeye) and as a busy Mum myself I know it takes time and effort we often don't have, which makes me appreciate them all the more. ❤️

Let me help with dinner! 0

Kid loves his plate so much he offers to help with dinner

The Tyrrell Katz sets are one of our best sellers.  Plates, cups and cutlery sets with wheels or dinosaurs.

They never fail to be a hit at mealtimes.  Don't take our word for it - here is a fabulous photo and message that we received from one of our happy customers.

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I had never heard of you... 0

Lucas loves cars review

We really love when people take time out to send us a happy message.  It makes our hearts sing and we appreciate the time and effort that it takes! 

This email was lovely and a little fun, which you know we love! 

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Grandma Spoils Grandson! 0

Grandmother spoils Grandson - breaking news.
It's never happened before - A Grandmother has spoilt her Grandson!
We know that it's not news, it's a common thing.  It's part of the reason we started the store.
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There's a mess in the car.... 0

Customer reviews Lucas loves cars
When I first read this review I was worried something had gone wrong! 
Hi I just received my parcel in the mail!  I now have little foam packing pieces all through my car....
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