I had never heard of you...

You know you're getting a lovely email when the subject is "2 satisfied customers"

We really love when people take time out to send us a happy message.  It makes our hearts sing and we appreciate the time and effort that it takes! 

This email was lovely and a little fun, which you know we love! 

I had never heard of 'Lucaslovescars' before I googled....well honestly I can't recall the exact words that were used in the search but I wanted some toys that were similar to what my son has at Childcare.

He always looks so happy & busy with what I call, 'practical' toys!

I was intrigued & thoroughly impressed with your website, ease of use & content!

I have thus far made two orders with you guys & my son is both happy & entertained with your product! And I have to admit...I am too!

By the way, the overall quality of your tracking & delivery service that you use is outstanding!!

Kind Regards,

2 very satisfied customers