Happy Architect Raceway

Product Description

The Happy Architect Raceway is going to zoom straight onto the favourite toy list.

Not only will this set have children speeding around as they reenact car races, but they’ll also be practising their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

You’ll have the opportunity to practice writing and recognising simple numbers, letters or shapes when you draw your own designs on the blackboard circles on both the cars and the walls.

Colours, numbers, order (1st, 2nd, 3rd), speed and length can also be introduced in discussions whilst playing with this set.

The pieces in this set have been printed using heat transfer technology, meaning they’ll look as good as the day you unwrap them for years to come.

This set is easy to assemble and can be combined with any of the other sets in the Happy Architect range

25 pieces in each set, including 10 speedy racecars.

Made using FSC plywood, New Zealand pine and beech wood.

Ages:  18+ months

Brand:  Freckled Frog


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