Fiesta Crafts Magnetic Maze

Product Description

Make your own maze with this fun twist on the classic marble run.

This is a magnetic 3D puzzle, encouraging children to enjoy creating in a fun and unique way.

Place the tracks on the board to create your own brain teasing labyrinth or marble run.  The track pieces have a plastic cover to help keep the marble on track.

You can even place them vertically on metallic surfaces such as the fridge due to the ingenious clear covers on the marble run pieces that allow marbles to roll vertically without falling out.

The Magnetic Maze is as educational as it is fun, encouraging hand-eye coordination and physical problem-solving. It supports STEM learning by exploring concepts such as gravity and mechanics.

Each set includes 29 magnetic track pieces, 5 marbles, a magnetic playboard, a set of instructions and a puzzles leaflet.

Fiesta Crafts is a UK company who specialise in manufacturing of high quality award winning educational toys.

Ages:   6+ years

Size:  26 x 34 cm

Brand: Fiesta Crafts


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