Brio Turntable and Figure

Product Description

With its seven different track connection points, this Turntable will become a central piece to any railway play space.

There’s enough space on the turntable to fit any engine from the Brio range, simply twist the red knob on the turntable and watch the large central unit rotate until it clicks into one of the seven-track positions.

The poseable train engineer figure is ready to work the turntable from his two-level control station – just make sure that he holds on tight when the turntable starts to spin.

Includes 2 pieces: 1x Turntable, 1x Poseable Train Engineer Figure.

All wood included is FSC-certified. 

Ages:  3+ years  

Size:  23.4x 23.4 x 9.9 cm

Brand:   Brio trains

Of course, Brio train tracks match the standard Thomas wooden train tracks.


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