Biscuit cutter 7 Piece ZOO set

Product Description

 This boxed 7 piece cookie cutter set is full of great animal shapes.

  • Giraffe 14.55 cm high
  • Zebra 9.5 cm wide
  • Lion 11.5 cm wide
  • Hippo 10.5cm wide
  • Koala 9 cm high
  • Monkey 13 cm high
  • Elephant 9.5 cm wide

All are made of Stainless steel. That makes these cookie cutters rust-resistant and dishwasher-proof.

Use for cookies, sandwiches, toffees, fairy bread, fruit or cheese slices, pancakes, pizza bases, and many other foods.   Also great for use with crafts such as play-dough.

Check out all the biscuit cutters in stock.

Brand:  Sweet Themes

Australian Company






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