5 Little Bears Breathing Cards

Product Description

These 8 wooden breathing cards help children learn to clam their breathing in an easy, fun and interactive way.

I bought this set for Lucas.  He is often shallow breathing and rushing around.  Before bed we stop, and take 5 minutes to do a card. Time to just stop and breathe,

When you concentrate on the breath you are being mindful and slowing down the thoughts in your mind and focusing on something you can control.  It's a fabulous skill to help when overwhelm, panic or emotions.  Bringing the child, or adult back to a calm state where they can then assess the world from a different, relaxed view.

Helping children learn to do controlled breathing is a skill that will help them manage their emotions and practice calming themselves and their emotions for their whole life.

Each card is engraved with a shape that the child can trace with their finger and has directions of where to start, breathe in, hold their breath and breathe out.

Made using 3mm plywood
Australian Made

Designed by thetherapistparent.

Size:  8 cm per square

Ages:  3+ years

Brand:  5 Little Bears

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