Brio Freight Goods Station

Product Description

It's time to get the cargo off the trains and onto the road. that's when we need the Freight Goods Station! Add some lift and load action to your wooden train set.

Use the crank operated arm and its magnet to pick up cargo loads from passing trains and move them to the loading bay. Then push the lever on the side of the station to lift the loading bay ramp and slide the cargo perfectly onto the awaiting tipper truck.

The red tipper truck waits patiently at the Freight Goods Station via a magnet connection whilst its cargo is being handled.

Whilst it is waiting, you can open the front cabinet to reveal the engine underneath. Once the truck has delivered its load to its destination, lift the back compartment up and drop the cargo off.

Ages:  3+  years 
Size:  18 + 14 + 12 cm

Brand:   Brio trains

Category: Wooden Toys


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