Wooden blocks

Fun wooden blocks are great for building, stacking, balance, counting and hours of open ended play. 

A must have toy for every young child. Create buildings, houses, cities and towers.  With blocks that have the alphabet, numbers and colours you can expand the learning from simple to more advanced.


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Grimms Basic Building  Blocks  | Grimms Wooden toys | Lucas loves cars

Grimms Basic Building Set 2

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3D Wooden blocks  | Haba toys | Wooden blocks pattern  | Lucas loves cars
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Grimms Small Conical Tower  | Grimms Wooden toys | Lucas loves cars
Bauspiel Australia | Bauspiel Houses | Wooden houses colourful toy | Lucas loves cars

Bauspiel Houses

$109.99 $129.99
Bauspiel | Bauspiel Rainbows | Lucas loves cars

Bauspiel Bows

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Grimms  Mosaic | Grimms wooden toys | Lucas loves cars

Grimms Mosaic

Bauspiel Australia | Bauspiel Dragons Lair | Bauspiel cave | Lucas loves cars

Bauspiel Dragons Lair Cave

$149.99 $159.99
Bauspiel Tiles | wooden toys | open ended toys | Lucas loves cars

Bauspiel Tiles

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Bauspiel | Corner Blocks 50pc | Lucas loves cars
Wooden blocks   | Wooden toys | Freckled frog | Lucas loves cars