Magna Carry Dino World

Product Description
Dino World is all about adventures in the Jurassic world. Ride the waterfall, explore the erupting volcano… take care of a dino egg.  
Loads of pre-historic characters to play with including a baby triceratops, a swimming plesiosaur and even a fossil or two.

With pages of magnets to place on the great sized background and move around as you choose, your little dinosaur wrangler can play a different story every day.  

All contained in tough cardboard cover with a handy carry handle.  With this simple, clever design the magnets won't slide out during travel.
great travel activity,  the perfect size for a plane, a car, or even on the floor during a rainy day.

Size:  24 x 25 cm

Ages 3+  years
Brand   Tiger Tribe 

Multiple designs available, including Jungle and Emergency


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