Magna Carry Busy Builders

Product Description

Busy Builders puts your little builder at the centre of all the action. 

The kids can pretend that they are working on the Busy building site!

Pour the cement, dig the holes and move the dirt. Can you spot the safety issues? Where would you put the barriers and safety cones? And the best part – you can create a new scene every time you play. Then when you are finished pack up is super fun with the match the magnet pieces puzzle on the case! Job done.

All contained in tough cardboard cover with a handy carry handle. so the magnets won't slide out during travel.  

This is a great travel activity, the perfect size for a plane, a car, or even on the floor during a rainy day.

Ages 3+ years

Brand  Tiger Tribe 

Multiple designs available, including Jungle and Emergency.


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