Orchard Toys Dino-Snore-Us

Product Description

Collect the most eggs without waking the T-Rex in this ROAR-some board game.

This action-packed board game is perfect for young Dinosaur fans and the whole family.

The T-Rex has stolen all the eggs - and it's up to you to get them back!

Players take turns to race down the pathway to retrieve an egg. When you land on a dinosaur footprint the T-Rex is turned around - if he's woken up everyone does a big ROAR and the player must return to the start, but if he's asleep when a player reaches the end of the pathway they can spin the spinner and collect that number of eggs. 


1 four-piece playing board
1 T-Rex character
4 dinosaur playing pieces
4 stands
24 eggs
4 nest collection boards
1 spinner board
1 two-part spinner arrow
1 dice

1 instruction leaflet


2-4 players

Ages:    4+ years 

Brand:  Orchard Toys


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