What would you give a third born (Prince)



There is a third baby expected at Buckingham palace, and it has us thinking, what would you give a third born?  

Surely baby 1 and 2 have toys all over the place already.  Spoilt rotten!  Have everything.  Don't really need more stuff.   I hear this all the time when people are trying to find a gift for the child that is #2 or #3 ...let alone #4, 5 or 6.

We think there are a few standard gifts that always work for new babies, especially the ones that are not the first born prince. 


1 - A new teether.

Honestly - You don't really want to reuse an old, eaten teether do you?  

All that drool and dirt from the previous bub using it.  Yerk!  It's nice to have a  fresh teether for your new little prince. 


Teether gift ideas - Lucas loves cars



2 - A special blanket. 

If the previous prince and princess received blankets during their baby years, there is a fair chance that they are still in use.  Because a blanket is something that brings comfort through many young years.  In the car, on the couch, at bedtime, the kids continue to use their blanket through the years.  Meaning the new prince will need his own soft, cuddly blanket.. 


Baby blanket | Lucas loves cars



3 - A personalised gift.  

Nothing says 'this is mine' like stamping their name on the toy.  The beautiful Milton Ashby wooden teether, made in Australia, can be personalised, as can the aeroplane. These toys are presented in a luxurious tin and make a stunning gift.


Milton Ashby Personalised gifts



 4 - A beautiful wooden toy

Especially a toy that wasn't around when the other kids were born.

Beautiful wooden toy with coloured beads or vehicles, or a little mobile phone of their own. 


wooden baby gifts  |   Lucas loves cars


All of these gifts would be perfect for a little Prince or Princess. 

What is your guess for Royal baby number 3?